Buy cheap bluechip NFTs, by bidding on liquidated NFTs

JPEG’d auctions are Open Ascending auctions. The buyers will start bidding until there’s no more price bidding a higher price. The last person to bid, which is also the person who bids the highest price, will get the NFT.

To maximize coverage of timezones and make sure the maximum amount of participants can take part, auctions run twice a day and start at 00:00 UTC and 12:00 UTC, whichever is first, and run for 12h.

At the conclusion the winner can claim the NFT. If a new bid is introduced less than 5 minutes before the end of the countdown, the auction is extended by 10 minutes. This process repeats until there are no more bidders.

Users can withdraw bids at anytime if they have been outbid.

At the end of the auction and if they are the weener, they will be able to claim your NFT straight from the auction page.

Anyone is able to participate in auctions here.


Bids are placed in ETH.

Bidding is incremental and needs to be at minimum 1% above the current highest bid.

The bidder with the highest bid can not withdraw their bids. All the other participants can withdraw their bid whenever they want.

There is no need to withdraw the previous bid to place a new bid. In the occasion a user has been outbid, they can place another bid with the total amount they are willing to bid. 
The ensuing transaction will be only for the amount to add to the previous bid to match the new bid price.

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