JPEG Cards

JPEG Cards are a series of 1,020 NFT cards that offer utility within the JPEG'd protocol. A subset of these cards will have additional utility (to be announced) on our upcoming platform, but regardless all JPEG cards will be eligible to stake for 1% of the JPEG supply over a month period. The JPEG cards display some of the most pervasive, captivating, and influential memes in crypto.

Certain JPEG cards without a cig attribute will be whitelisted for culturally significant Weenis Warmers. Cigarette cards will additionally be able to be locked and used to gain boosts on your credit limit and liquidation ratio. Unstaking a cigarette card will lead to a loss of the boosts and may trigger liquidations of overborrowed positions. All JPEG cards will be whitelisted related to the upcoming AMM for NFTs we are building.

The total NFT supply is 1,000 NFTs, plus an additional 20 honoraries. Of the 1,000, about 50 cards are reserved for the team.

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