🤖Notification Bot

Track your positions changes

Constantly reloading our dApp to check the health of your positions is quite unpractical. This is why JPEG'd offers a Telegram Notification bot to monitor your positions.

The telegram bot offers the following notifications:

  • Low health alerts

  • Liquidation alerts

  • Expiration of legacy JPEG'd Boost

How to add the Telegram Bot to your arsenal:

Stay Informed: Once connected, receive immediate notifications and gain valuable insights into the status of your borrowing positions.

  1. Access the JPEGd bot by navigating to JPEG'd Telegram Bot.

  2. Type /start to get the menu

  3. Per address you want to track, select the notification option you want:

    1. If positions of the specified address go below 15% (0% means


    2. If a legacy JPEG'd Boost is about to expire.

    3. If a position held by your address got liquidated, to be able to recover your NFT(s) if they are


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