Borrow with JPGD

Use JPGD as collateral and mint pETH

JPGD is JPEG'd DAO's governance token. It can be used for boosts, governance voting and as collateral on JPEG'd.

Get JPGD on Uniswap.

The JPGD vault is similar to the NFT vaults and its parameters are decided by governance. Users can deposit JPGD to borrow pETH at fixed rates. Loans are over-collateralized which keeps pETH overly backed at all times. This means the value backing pETH is always bigger than the value borrowed.

Similarly to the NFT vaults, your JPGD position would get liquidated if the price of JPGD tanked and the health of the position goes to 0%. Health is related to the current Loan To Value ratio of your position. Like for any other borrow, monitor your health at all times.

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