JPEG Boosts

JPEG'd makes extensive use of boost mechanisms to unlock extra features. These boost mechanisms include:
  • Up to 10% extra LTV per position via the LTV Boost
  • 10% extra LTV and Credit Limit across ALL positions with the Cigarette Boost
  • Higher Credit limit for rarer traits via Traits Boost, giving them a valuation above floor
The Max Boosted LTV is capped at 10% above the Base LTV for each collection, meaning the LTV Boost and Cigarette Boost cannot be combined to go above this threshold. Meanwhile, the Traits Boost for unique NFTs can still be utilized to unlock a higher credit limit/collateral value.
The icons display the boost status of a position at all times.
Boost can be managed from the Dashboard/Boosts tab

Boost FAQs

Do locked $JPEG tokens for the LTV boost get withdrawn when a position is closed?

No, the locked $JPEG tokens for the LTV boost will remain locked until the user requests a withdrawal, which can be cancelled any time during the 7-day processing period. This effectively keeps the boost active for any future user opening a position with the same NFT on JPEG'd.

What happens if I sell my NFT with an active LTV boost to another user, that also comes to JPEG?

Locked $JPEG tokens always remain in the possession of the original boost owner. In case of a transfer of the NFT, the associated boost remains active for any future owner of the NFT until disabled by the original boost owner.

Do Boosts Expire?

No, all boosts are perpetual. LTV Boosts and Traits Boost will remain active until users request a withdrawal of their locked $JPEG Tokens and completes the 7-day processing period. Cigarette Boosts will remain active until users unstake the card.

What happens if I disable my LTV Boost or Cigarette Boost and my position is above the Base LTV?

As long as the position's LTV remains below the Base Liquidation Threshold, it will not be liquidated.
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