JPEG Boosts Mechanics

Get up to 70% LTV out of your NFTs by locking JPEG tokens
JPEG'd makes extensive use of boost mechanisms to unlock extra features. These boost mechanisms include:
  • Up to 25% extra LTV via the LTV Boost
  • Higher Credit limit for rarer traits via Traits Boost, giving them a valuation above floor
  • 10% extra LTV and Credit Limit across ALL positions with the Cigarette Boost
All Locks can be combined together, leading to a max LTV of 70%, a liquidation ratio of 61% and a higher credit limit for rarer NFTs for supported collections
The icons display the boost status of a position at all times.

Boost FAQs

Can all JPEG'd Boosts be combined?

Yes, it is possible to activate both the LTV, Traits, and Cig Boosts for a position if they are all available. Not all NFTs can benefit from traits boost.

Do locked $JPEG tokens for the LTV boost get withdrawn when a position is closed?

No, the locked $JPEG tokens for the LTV boost will remain locked until the boost expiration. This effectively keeps the boost active for any future user opening a position with the same NFT on JPEG'd.

What happens if I sell my NFT with an active LTV boost to another user, that also comes to JPEG?

The new owner will benefit from the boost as long as it is active. They can then choose to either wait until the lock expiration to create a new boost or update the boost to transfer the ownership to themselves. This will liberate the locked $JPEG tokens of the previous boost owner and transfer them back to their address automatically.

My LTV boost is about to expire, can I extend the duration?

Yes, the LTV boost duration can be extended at any time. Depending on the value unlocked by the boost, the floor price of the collection, and the current price of $JPEG, it might be necessary to re-lock a new amount of $JPEG tokens.
If the new amount of required $JPEG tokens to lock is the same or lower, the LTV boost can be extended at no cost. The $JPEG tokens previously locked will stay locked until the end of new duration.
If the amount of required $JPEG tokens to lock is higher than the previous locked amount, the user needs to top up his lock with the difference in $JPEG.

Can I update my LTV boost now that the price of $JPEG has gone up and my boost would require locking less $JPEG?

No, once a boost is enabled the locked $JPEG tokens can only be liberated if the lock expires, or another address creates a new boost for the same NFT ID.

What happens if an LTV boost expires and my LTV is higher that 36%?

Your position will get instantly liquidated if it's not insured. It is important to write down the date and set an alarm to monitor the status of your boosts. You can monitor them in the Boost tab of the Dashboard.

What is the maximum LTV?

The maximum LTV is 70% with all both cigarette and max LTV boosts applied.

Can Locks be extended?

Locks can be extended