💎Airdrop Claiming

Protocol users can claim eligible airdrops from their positions via the JPEG’d UI.

2 types of airdrops are supported:

  • Airdrops sent directly to the contract addresses (including contract addresses)

  • Airdrops that can be claimed by holders (if there are no restrictions put on contract addresses by the claiming contract)

Whenever a known airdrop related to supported collections will be live the team will do their best to implement claiming from the UI ASAP.

How to Claim Airdrops

  1. Head to the "My Borrows" tab in the user dashboard.

  2. Select a collection eligible for an airdrop and open a position. If the collection is eligible and the claiming contract has been pushed live, you should see the airdrop claim row.

  3. Click the claim button to claim your airdrop one by one for all eligible NFTs.

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