Create an LTV Boosts

Locking JPEG can boost your position. There are several types of boosts on JPEG'd (see Locking Mechanics). LTV boost allows users to increase the LTV of boosted positions up to 80% LTV on selected collections.
To enable the boost, $JPEG tokens need to be locked on a per position basis. The locks get disabled upon request, and the locked $JPEG can be withdrawn after the withdrawal processing period.

Create LTV Boost Lock

Step 1:

Open up your loan dashboard and go to the borrows tab, note it's also possible to create an LTV boost from the wallet tab before doing the first borrow.

Step 2:

For the selected NFTs, choose the amount of LTV boost you want to enable. The higher the boost, the more $JPEG that needs to be locked.
The LTV boost configuration modal lets you determine the LTV boost amount from 0 to 20% extra LTV. LTV Boost can be increased up to the maximum boost value after they have been first created.

Manage your JPEG'd Boosts

The Boost tab will show you the status of your boosts, as well as let you manage them.
You can:
  • Update an LTV boost
  • Request an unlock to disable your active boosts (please note there is a unlock period to avoid unwanted liquidations)
  • Claim unlocked JPEG'd

Disabling a JPEG Boost

From the Dashboard/Boosts tab, select the positions you want to disable the boost for. This will start the withdrawal processing period. The period lasts 7 Days and can be cancelled at any time.
When the unlock period is over you can claim back your unlocked JPEG