Create an LTV Boosts

Locking JPEG can boost your position. There are several types of boosts on JPEG'd (see Locking Mechanics). LTV boost allows users to increase the LTV of boosted positions by 15%. This raises the maximum borrow available to 50% (60% if coupled with cigarette locking) and liquidation ratio to 61% with a JPEG Card cigarette and 51% without one.
JPEG tokens need to be locked on a per position basis, but the period of the lock is selected by the user. It can be 1 day, 1 month, 6 months, etc. this is all determined by the user.

Create LTV Boost Lock

Step 1:

Open up your loan dashboard and select LTV Boost.
Create a boost from the User Dashboard

Step 2:

Select the NFT you wish to boost, the unlock date, and lock JPEG tokens. (If LTV boosting for several NFTs check the whale mode)
Setup one or multiple NFT LTV boosts

Step 3:

Update lock by clicking the LTV Boost button and selecting a new unlock date.
Update one or multiple NFT LTV Locks