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Use your NFTs to generate passive income

JPEG'd provides unique ways for NFT holders to stack more ETH. Here's how it works:

Curve and Convex

Curve Finance is a platform where you can easily swap different stablecoins with low fees. JPEG'd uses Curve to build stablecoin pools for its synthetic assets like pETH and PUSd. Liquidity providers on Curve get CRV rewards, which are distributed based on votes from users who lock CRV tokens. Convex Finance is another platform that boosts these rewards for Curve liquidity providers, and JPEG'd, being a major holder of Convex, directs rewards to specific pools.

Borrowing and Autocompounding

Borrowers on JPEG'd can mint synthetic assets like pETH or PUSd against their NFTs. These borrowers are the only ones who can mint these assets, and they provide collateral in the form of NFTs. Liquidity providers earn CRV and CVX tokens, but claiming and selling these rewards manually can be cumbersome. JPEG'd simplifies this process with the JPEG'd Citadel. You deposit your LP tokens (pETH/WETH) into the autocompounder, which automatically sells the rewards for ETH, increasing your LP token holdings.


By leveraging Curve and Convex, JPEG'd offers real yield opportunities and competitive borrowing rates for NFT holders. You can make your NFTs work for you while enjoying your margaritas!

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