🚜Farming with $pETH

Use the value of your NFTs to get yield by leveraging Curve and Convex

One of the upsides of JPEG'd is its understanding of DeFi and the possibilities it opens. pETH was conceived with this in mind. Farming pETH is one of the ways you can use JPEG'd to earn yield on the value of your blue-chip NFTs. To get pETH, please see the Borrowing Guide.

Liquidity providers to the pETH/WETH pool are incentivized on Convex Finance, with rewards consisting of CVX and CRV. JPEG'd DAO is a top holder of CVX and directs its voting power to the pETH/WETH pool. You can use https://jpegd.io/peth to conveniently put your $pETH to work, by choosing either option. This is a frontend connecting directly to the contracts used on Curve and JPEG'd's own auto-compounder and citadel.


The simplest pETH farm consists in adding liquidity to the Curve pETH/WETH pool to earn 3CRV rewards. Users can choose to deposit either pETH or ETH. Users need to farm the CRV themselves and sell them as they go.

Step 2 pETH/WETH Auto-compounder

The pETH/WETH auto-compounder allows the user to sit back while the JPEG'd strategists do the work for you. Users may add their pETH/WETH tokens in the auto-compounding vault while the CRV / CVX rewards are auto-compounded by our strategists. This vault has a 20% performance fee and a 0.5% deposit fee.

Reminder: you may lose potential yield if you have withdrawn before the compounding cycle.

Step 3 Citadel Vault

Following a user's deposit in the pETH/ETH Autocompounder, one can deposit their receipt tokens into The Citadel vault to earn extra $JPGD rewards.

Reminder: you may lose potential yield if you withdraw before the compounding cycle.

Recovering your pETH

To recover your pETH, click the Withdraw pETH toggle and follow all the steps in reverse.

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