🙊$APECoin Staking on JPEG'd

Benefit from $APE Staking AND the JPEG'd citadel

JPEG'd’s goal is to empower all NFT holders and allow them to profit from the perks associated with their NFTs while using JPEG'd.

Staking APE on JPEG'd

All eligible NFTs in the JPEG'd vault can participate in the APECoin staking program. For users that have enough $APE to stake with their beloved NFTs they can use the Solo $APE Staking or, for those missing $APE, they can find $APE providers with whom to share rewards via P2P $APE Staking.

Integrating this program on JPEG'd effectively makes it a very attractive place to leverage the value of BAYCs/MAYCs/BAKCs, as it allows to maximize yield opportunities by combining the perks of the citadel and of the $APE staking program, once again, truly bridging NFTs with DeFi.

What is the APE Staking Program?

The $APE Staking program allows holders of BAYC/MAYC/BAKC and $APE to stake $APE in different pools, each with their own APRs.

There are 4 pools, each with their rewards:

  • $APE Staking Pool

  • BAYC Staking Pool

  • MAYC Staking Pool

  • BAKC Staking Pool

The Incentive Distribution Curve changes year after year and the Staking Pool Allocations for Staking Periods following the Initial Staking Period are determined by the market prices of the BAYC, MAYC, and BAKC NFTs. An average price during Q4 of the previous Staking Period determines the ratio allocated to each of the Staking Pools. The ApeCoin Staking Pool will remain constant at 30%. The rewards emitted by each pool is independent of JPEG'd.

Detailed information regarding the $APE staking program can be found in the AIP #22.

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