P2P $APE Staking

JPEG'd P2P $APE Staking program lets users stake ApeCoin ($APE) tokens with NFT holders from Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC), or Bored Ape Kennel Club (BAKC). Here's how it works:


NFT Holders:

NFT holders can list their NFTs for co-staking. This means they team up with $APE token holders to stake together. They start earning rewards as soon as there's $APE staked with them. Anyone, regardless of the amount of $APE they have, can join in. This allows NFT holders with only a little $APE to still maximize their rewards.

$APE Token Holders

$APE holders can join BAYC/MAYC/BAKC $APE Staking pools, regardless of how much $APE they own. This means users of all sizes can benefit from the program. If an NFT listed in a pool is withdrawn or sold, the $APE staked with it automatically moves to the Single $APE Staking pool. The $APE keeps earning rewards until the owners claim them to assign them to a different NFT listed on JPEG'd.


To participate in the P2P Ape Staking program, you need to fulfil at least one of the following requirements:

  • Have a position open in the JPEG'd vaults with either a BAYC, MAYC, BAKC.

  • Hold $APE.

P2P $APE Staking as a BAYC/MAYC Holder

Step 1: Open a position on JPEG'd

  1. Deposit a BAYC or MAYC in a JPEG'd vault through the user dashboard. For more details read how to Open a position.

  2. It is recommended to borrow pETH (pegged Ether) to deposit into the vault and earn additional yield via the JPEG'd citadel.

Step 2: Select NFTs for P2P Staking

  1. Navigate to "My Positions" under the P2P Ape Staking tab.

  2. The list of the NFTs you have deposited in the JPEG'd vault will appear.

  3. Select the NFT(s) that you want to list for P2P Staking.

Step 3: Define Rewards Split and Confirm Listing

  1. Define the rewards split, indicating the distribution of yields between yourself and the APE provider.

  2. Confirm the listing.

Step 4: Wait for a peer and enjoy the rewards

Your NFT is now listed for P2P $APE staking. You can view the listing in the "All Listings" tab. $APE providers can now join your pool regardless of their size. The position will start earning rewards from the first moment a co-staker will join the pool.

Participating as an $APE Holder

Step 1: Become an ApeCoin Provider

  1. Select your preferred listings.

  2. Deposit APECoin

  1. Stake APE tokens. If the amount of staked APE tokens is more than the required amount for the selected listings, JPEG'd will automatically find and fill the best available position for you. Simply enter the number of APE tokens you wish to stake.

  2. Select one or several listings and click the "Stake" button at the top of the listings. If you have selected several positions, the amount of $APE will be spread among them in a way to make sure that the position are filled to the max.

Step 2: Enjoy the Rewards

Once you have staked APE tokens as an ApeCoin provider, you will start earning rewards in ETH and APE.

Claim and Compound Rewards

  1. Go to the "My Positions Tab"

  2. Click the chips to select the asset you have provided to claim its related rewards.

  3. Select the positions you want to manage $APE rewards for. It is possible to:

    1. Stake more $APE (which will be distributed among the selected positions)

    1. Unstake $APE allows you to either claim rewards or withdraw your staked $APE AND claim the associated rewards for the selected positions

    2. Compound rewards, which will take all the current rewards and either compound them in current positions (if there's room in the pools), or find the next best available pool and add it to your $APE co-staking positions.

Joining as a BAKC Owner

Step 1: Deposit a BAKC

  1. Deposit a BAKC in a JPEG'd vault through the user dashboard. You can refer to the "Guide to vault management" for assistance.

  2. It is recommended to borrow pETH to deposit into the vault and earn additional yield.

  3. Go to the P2P Ape Staking tab.

Step 2: Find BAYC/MAYC Listings

  1. Navigate to "All Listings" under the P2P Ape Staking tab.

  1. Choose the NFT(s) you want to pair with for P2P Staking. NFTs awaiting a BAKC will show the label "Awaiting BAKC"

Step 3: Deposit in the Pool and Stake APE or Wait for ApeCoin Provider

  1. For all the BAYC/MAYC selected, pair the BAKC from the vault, and stake $APE

  2. Stake APE tokens for the selected listings. Alternatively, you can wait for an ApeCoin provider to stake APE tokens for you.

Step 4: Enjoy the Rewards

  1. After you have completed the pairing and staking process, you will start earning rewards in ETH and APE.

Note: If the paired BAYC or MAYC gets withdrawn or liquidated the BAKC and the paired $APE will not be earning rewards anymore and waiting for to be repaired with a BAYC/MAYC.

The $APE co-staked to the BAKC stays paired will NOT go to the $APE Single Staking

Note on P2P Ape Staking UI

The P2P Ape Staking user interface provides a filter that allows to view filled and/or unfilled listings. This filter helps you navigate and manage your staking positions effectively.

For any further assistance or questions, please refer to the JPEG'd platform's support or documentation resources.

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