Solo $APE Staking

Following AIP-21, BAYC & MAYC users can commit their NFTs with $APE token and stake them to earn $APE.

This service is offered free of charge to all JPEG depositors.

BAYC and MAYC owners can use their NFTs on JPEG'd as collateral AND commit them to the $APE staking program. Bored Ape Yacht Club and Mutant Ape Yacht Club holders can additionally stake with ApeCoin and Bored Ape Kennel Club NFTs to earn more rewards from Yuga Labs.

JPEG'd supports the BAYC, MAYC and Paired BAKC Pools

Exact details about the $APE staking program can be found here:


What happens if the position is liquidated?

In case of liquidation of a BAYC or MAYC while on staking in the APECoin program, the $APE tokens deposited, the rewards and the paired BAKC will get sent automatically back to the depositors. The former owner will stop earning rewards.

What happens if I close my position before withdrawing?

When withdrawing a BAYC/MAYC from the JPEG'd vaults, after having repaid all debt, the $APE tokens deposited, the rewards and the paired BAKC will get sent automatically back to the depositors. Withdrawing from the vaults will also stops any more rewards from being earned.

Can I earn both yield from the citadel AND the APECoin staking program?

Yes, JPEG'd allows you to make your BAYC and MAYC work even harder for you, while you're sipping margaritas.

How To

Commit BAYC / MAYC

Open an active BAYC position on JPEG'd and click Commit BAYC.

Confirm the amount of $APE token to deposit.

Your BAYC and APE are now staked and earning APE rewards.

Manage Staked Ape

Open a position with staking active and click the Manage BAYC button

The Manage Modal allows users to deposit, withdraw, claim rewards and update the amount of APE they have in deposit

Pair and Manage BAKC

It is also possible to pair a BAKC to earn extra yield. BAKC need to be in the JPEG'd vault for this, so it is necessary to open positions with BAKCs before enabling Solo BAKC borrowing.

After opening positions with your BAKC, from the BAKC vault Click "Stake APE"

Select the Pool you want to pair your BAKC with and the NFT to pair with and confirm your staking

Once paired, you can at all times manage the pared BAKC by clicking the Manage BAKC button and using the following modal:

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