$APE Staking FAQs

Are there fees for staking $APE on JPEG'd?

$APE Staking on JPEG'd is free and has 0 fees, both for Solo staking and P2P staking for both NFT and $APE providers

Is there a minimum amount of $APE to take part in a pool?

JPEG'd APE Staking allows partial filling in BAYC/MAYC/BAKC pools. This means all users of any size can join any of the pools.

Is it possible to compound rewards?

It is possible to manually compound rewards for multiple positions at a time.

How much gas does the staking, unstaking, pairing and compounding cost?

The contracts have been optimized to the max, resulting in cheap listing, staking and claiming transactions. Internal tests have shown it to be one of the most efficient APE co-staking platforms out there. Costs of course depend on gas prices.

Can I list my BAYC/MAYC/BAKC while using it as collateral to borrow pETH/PUSd?

Yes. This let's you also profit from the JPEG'd citadel and add extra ETH yield on top of the APE Staking, and thus maximizing the value of your NFT.

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