Using Whale Mode

Batch manage multiple positions at once.
Whale Mode enables you to borrow/repay/trait boost/LTV boost several NFTs at once with one transaction. This drastically improves the ususability of the lending platform for users with multiple NFTs. Instead of having to do the same action, individually, on many NFTs you can now do the action on multiple NFTs simultaneously.

How It Works

Step 1: Select the Whale Mode Selector in the top right of the Dashboard page. This will reveal the whale actions you can take. The following actions on multiple NFTs at once are available: borrow, repay, withdraw, apply and manage trait boost and LTV boosts, stake (for BAYC, MAYC and Moonbirds —soon—), claim airdrops.
Enable Multi Select Mode
Step 2: Select all the NFTs you wish to interact with and the action you wish to do (deposit, borrow, apply trait boost, apply LTV boost).
Select all NFTs to apply the action to
Step 3: Confirm the action in the corresponding modal.
Multi-Deposit confirmation modal (for Cryptopunks and EtherRocks only)

Multi Action Modals

The different actions and their modals can be seen below:
Multi-Borrow confirmation modal
Multi-Repay confirmation modal
Multi-Withdraw Confirmation modal

Multi LTV Boost

Multi-LTV Boost Confirmation modal
Multi-Traits Boost confirmation modal